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JENNCHEM’s core product line includes the following: J-CRIB®, a pumpable standing support, provides significant strength and logistical advantages over traditional coal mine standing support.

J-SEAL® is a specialized foaming cement that can be used for backfilling behind steel sets or other general backfilling applications in coal or hard rock mining. JENNCHEM’s 120 psi. Mainline J-SEAL is MSHA approved and can be used with a variety of form designs including wood, concrete block, props, and mesh.

J-PAK is a custom-made steel shell filled with specialized cement that slowly yields under load. It replaces conventional timber cribs in longwall tailgates and bleeder entries.

JENNCHEM also offers a range of polyurethane, silicate, and phenolic grouts and resins for the stabilization of fractured strata and void filling. Direct polyurethane injection into fractured rock has been performed for decades, however, JENNCHEM provides unique technical support to evaluate the dispersion and performance.

JENNCHEM has recently expanded its product portfolio by incorporating offerings from Burrell Mining International. This addition broadens their range of innovative products and services. We are genuinely excited about the opportunities these new products and services present for our valued customers. 

Now offering: • Fibercrib Blocks • J-Blocks • JENNCHEM Roadway Repair • The J-Can • Turbo Prop

Don't hesitate to contact our team for more details and to discover how our products and services can elevate your ventilation, roof support, and rock stabilization needs. We look forward to working with you and making your next project a success! 

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